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A dreamy adventure

Are you ready for the grandest dream of your life? You are about to witness bubble shooting in a land filled with your wildest dreams. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dream Pop!

Experience a never-ending adventure and use your bubble shooting skills to be the ultimate champion! Match three or more bubbles and pop them in bubble bursting madness. Join Tim on his dreamy journey to rescue cute little birds and defeat the evil Jimmy and bring peace to his dream land. It's the best bubble shooter adventure ever created!


Unique characters

Play as not one but 11 unique characters ranging from Joker, Tribal Tim, Treasure Hunter Tim and many more. Each character is loaded with a cute personality, ready to accompany you on your adventure!

Fight the evil army

Use your superpowers to fight the evil Jimmy and his foes who will stop at nothing to make sure you don't have fun in your adventure. Pop bubbles and defeat Jimmy to save the dream kingdom!

Rescue little birds

Jimmy has captured cute little birds and it's upto you and your army to fight Jimmy and rescue the birds using your bubble shooting skills. Do you think you can help the birds?

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  • I can't recommend this game enough. It's my favorite past-time and my husband loves it too! I wish they keep making such games.
  • I love the characters, there are so many characters in the game. I've been playing this game for a month now and I still haven't seen all the characters.
  • It's seriously the most fun game I've played on my iPad. And there are so many free rewards that I get every day without even spending a penny!
  • Everything is so magical and lovely. The levels are not very hard so I keep playing the game until my kids remind me to stop for food.